Jennifer Opresnick

Jennifer Opresnick is an episodic television Director who joined the DGA in 2019 when she was invited to direct an episode of the CBS series Blue Bloods and was invited back to direct two additional episodes. Jennifer started as a script supervisor in the New York film community. During her twenty plus years in production she has worked on 15 major network television shows completing over 300 episodes as well as 15 feature films and worked with many great industry directors including Shane Black, Marc Webb and David Gordon Green.

Jennifer’s inspiration for directing developed through a love of script analysis and storytelling. Her extensive set experience enables Jenn to bring intuition, inspiration and the knowledge to communicate with all departments working on a film set. This competence on set is infused in her directing style bringing the ability to find the emotion and tension in a script, insightful visual sensibilities with camera and comfort and ease with the actors.

Jennifer’s expertise for drama and comedy has garnered a 15 year working relationship with HBO and Danny McBride on Eastbound & Down, Vice Principles and The Righteous Gemstones, and a seven year relationship working on a character driven drama on the CBS show Blue Bloods.

During the past year Jennifer has been co-directing theater at Big Dawg Productions, completing the plays Waiting for Godot and Window’s while writing her passion project, a horror, comedy film. She is an alum of Tisch School of the Arts Film program at NYU and is an active member in the DGA’s Women’s Steering Committee and Focus on Women Committee.

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